Why Hard Money

The need for someone to use a Private Money or Hard Money Loan is based upon quick funding without the numerous documentation and underwriting requirements of a traditional lender.

Private Money Loans are based on DOWNPAYMENT.

Since our loans are Equity Based, your credit score, adjusted gross income and employment history are minimal deciding factors in qualifying.  How much equity you have or will have in the property is the most important factor.

Here at First Security Mortgage, we can provide you with a detailed Loan Proposal within 30 minutes and we only need the general terms of the transaction. We do not need any personal information such as Social Security Numbers, Date of Birth, Employment Information, Income and Debt to provide a Private Money detailed Loan Proposal!

Private Money loans are meant to close fast and without the hassle!

Our loans have flexible terms up to 7 years with No Pre-Payment Penalties, so they can be paid off at any time with no penalties!

Simply put, Private Money is quick access to funding.

First Security Mortgage will, 99% of the time not sell your loan, all payments are made locally at our office in Sorrento Valley, California.