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Refinance – 55% LTV and up to 65% on a Case by Case basis.

We offer cash out and refinance loans to homeowners who currently do not qualify with traditional lenders. Below are some common examples why you would refinance with a HARD MONEY LENDER vs a Traditional Lender.

  1. Timing. Need the money fast? We can close a Non-Owner Occupied properties in as soon as 3 days. Owner Occupied properties in 10 days due to the additional disclosures periods required on owner occupied.
  2. We offer loans for both Personal and Business Use Purposes.
  3. Recently Acquired Property. Just acquired a property through Probate and need to pay off the existing loan quickly? We can secure financing on properties currently in Probate.
  4. Defaulted Properties. Properties with defaulted mortgage payments and/or property taxes can be a limiting factor in getting a traditional loan.
  5. Limited and/or Low Credit Score is not an issue.
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