Available Private Money or Hard Money Loan Programs:

We offer several types of hard money loan programs. Below are a few of the loan programs and some of the guidelines. Private money loan  or hard money loan terms can differ based on the situation. We underwrite and approve all loans in-house so its best you call or go to our website to get a quote.  Below are samples of some of the hard money loan options available.  Get A Quote from our website or Call us today at 858-565–4466 for more information on a private money loan for your transaction.

30 Due in 7
30 year fixed rate due in 7 years. Owner Occupied Loans with NO prepayment penalty.

Interest only loans are beneficial for many investors and borrowers for many different reasons, some of those reasons are:

  • The monthly payments are low during the term of the loan.
  • Gives you flexibility to use the extra money to invest in other properties.
  • Using that extra money to put into other investments to build overall net worth.
  • Having extra money so they can get a significantly higher rate of return investing their money elsewhere.

3 Years Interest Only
3 Years of interest only payments

5 Years Interest Only
5 Years of interest only payments

7 Years Interest Only
7 Years of interest only payments

A private money or hard money loan is when private investors fund a loan secured by real estate as opposed to conventional lenders such as banks, or federal funds.

The terms on funds from private lenders can vary and can be tailored to best fit your particular needs.

People often ask, why do I need a Hard Money loan? Private money lenders are available through a specialized business that work with investors for the sole purpose of providing hard money loans. Just like a bank or a mortgage broker, a hard money broker will have programs and guidelines to qualify for the loans and payment terms that work within your qualifying criteria. Hard money loans have more of an emphasis on asset-based lending and put less emphasis on the borrows credit. A steady source of income is still required to pay the loan; however, the Real estate value will have a much larger part in the qualifying process than a conventional loan, this means the loan to values are typically lower than what you may see from a  conventional loan.

Hard money loans are not for everyone,but fill an important need in the real estate loan market. A reputable private money company will tell you if hard money is the right loan for you.

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Available Hard Money Loan Programs: